Outdoor spaces can be accessorized to create an intended ambience. Elements that can be used include furniture, lighting, plants, artwork and other accessories. These elements can be used to reflect a particular style and taste and also increase the functionality of outdoor spaces. Furthermore, there are three basic questions to be answered while styling outdoor spaces. Selecting the right furniture is an essential part of accessorizing outdoor spaces ,and the following qualities is to be considered.

• What do you want to do with the space?
• How big is the space?
• How would you use the space?


Selecting the right furniture is an essential part of accessorizing outdoor spaces, and the following qualities is to be considered.

• Durability – Ensure you choose durable furniture, considering its exposure to external weather
   conditions. This include wrought iron, synthetic resin, steel, wood, or even concrete, amongst others.
• Maintenance – Outdoor furniture maintenance should be as minimal as possible.
• Colors – A combination of neutral colored base with some colorful accent; such as cushions and pillows
   should be considered.

• Dual Purpose – Choose a hardworking furniture that can serve more than one purpose; such as
  ottoman, benches amongst others.


Although outdoor spaces may not necessarily need lights during the day, lighting becomes a significant element at night. Some of the lighting elements that can be introduced include string light, wall and floor lamps, lanterns, etc.


Having plants is away to bring life in to outdoor spaces. It doesn’t only give out oxygen to the space, it also beautify the space. Hanging plants can also be introduced on walls, depending on the intended ambience.

Painting And Murals

Colors literally sets the tone of spaces, therefore selection of colors for outdoor spaces must be carefully considered. A contemporary white color scheme is advisable for smaller outdoor spaces to create an illusion of larger spaces. Murals can also be used to create effects or achieve a desired ambience in outdoor spaces.

Other Accessories

Other elements that can be used in styling outdoor spaces include umbrella, birdhouse, pergola, gazebo, fireplace, amongst others.