Our home provides us with the perfect canvas to show off our unique personality. It should not only feel comfortable but also reflect our lifestyle. However, it can be quite a daunting process to put together a cohesive look. The below tips are a good guide to help you create your own personalised space.

Create an Inspiration and Mood board

Create a board based on the sort of feel of the room you would like to live in. Spending time on websites is a great way to see the range of what is out there. You can get a glimpse into different homes and styles from all over the world. Websites such as Houzz and Pinterest are great resources for collating images that inspire. Do be critical of what you like and don’t like of the images you select. Remember that the point is not to copy and paste the design, it is much more interesting and special if you can pull in the elements that you like from various sources to build your own vision.

Take time

Take time to sit down and go through your favourite personal belongings. It could be items that you’ve brought back from a trip, or things that you have collected over time, particular printed photographs (rare these days!), paintings, sculptures or carvings. Think about the things that you love – it could be food, cooking, maps, a particular culture, a colour, books or even movies. Take time to brainstorm about how you can incorporate all of these things into your environment in a way that is visually appealing. Integrating these pieces into your home will help determine your own personal style and make your home feel like a reflection of who you are.

Balance function with aesthetics

Another important consideration is ensuring we are comfortable in our space. An image may look amazing in a magazine or on Pinterest but how will it translate in your personal space. It seems like such an obvious question to ask, but sometimes we forgo the practical for the aesthetic, and this puts an unnecessary pressure on the way we decorate and design our home. Think about how you will use the space that you have every day, in conjunction with the overall beauty. Part of personalising your space is to also ensure it works for you.

Anchor design piece

I favour art as a good anchor for a room. It gives great insight into your personality and can also give inspiration for the rest of the room. It also adds depth and dimension to the space. In Nigeria we are surrounded with super talented artists with diverse styles appealing to various personalities. Other objects you can use as an anchor could be a centrepiece bowl, lamp, a bookshelf or even a small piece of furniture that you just love. Use it as your design anchor, and style the rest of the room using that one piece. That way, you have something you truly enjoy as reference point for the rest of the room. The above tips should really help in creating a space that is truly you!