It would be fair to say that wood has become quite integral to our designs here at iDESIGN. This is for a number of reasons. Iits natural organic properties makes it one of the most versatile elements evident in design, and a simple way to bring nature into a residential or commercial space.

In addition, it also has a soothing effect on our senses, wood is one of the only materials that can be finished in any way one can imagine. There are lots of techniques for texturizing, smoothing, painting and staining wood to give it the look you want. Or left in its natural state, wood can be crafted into truly gorgeous, one-of-a-kind designs that showcase its unique imperfections, knots and grains. In my opinion, the grain on a piece of wood is one of the stunners of the natural world. We use wood in many of our projects to add warmth and depth, be it an entertainment centre – Ebony Life or and office space- Leadway (see images) we find wood brings interest to a space particularly when paired with good lighting systems.

Some of the most breathtaking architectural designs are wood centred. Its also durable and strong. With almost 5000 different kinds of woods to choose from globally (we are limited here) there’s something to suit many design ideas. Wood can be used virtually everywhere – inside and out – as a design element to complement any style. In addition to the durable classic beauty of fine wood furniture it can be used on floors, walls, ceilings, and in accessories throughout a space. Wood can feature in any design from contemporary, traditional to transitional making so versatile for design. I rest my case!